These are some of the activities under the Story Software umbrella.

Softwarefree zooming interface notes/images programs – zooming creativity writing app with text and images (was Story Turbo). – zooming creativity writing app, with text only.

Digital Art – Micro Arts Group – computer art with new format digital work, history ebook and generative art and text videos.

Visit the Micro Arts section of the Computer Arts Archive 

UNOME Art & Music

The UNOME synth album is due out soon, and some music art videos are available at:

Architectural Design and Interior Design (RIBA registered) – Ivy Ngeow Architectural & Interior Design.

Leopard Print Publishing – diverse fiction and non-fiction

AI and Interface Research and Writing

Geoff Davis (founder of Story Software) is at

Building and DIY Magazine and Advice – building, construction and DIY site with a lot of green and sustainable building advice, general articles and even building toys.