These are some of the activities under the Story Software umbrella.

Softwarefree zooming interface notes/images programs – zooming creativity writing app with text and images (was Story Turbo). – zooming creativity writing app, with text only.

Digital Art Books

History of Micro Arts Group the 1980s generative computer art organisation. Full information with art, contemporary reviews, images.

This group is still functioning now (2019-2023).

Micro Arts Group – computer art with new format digital work, history ebook and generative art and text videos.

For information about Micro Arts, visit the Micro Arts section of the Computer Arts Archive 


Due out in 2023:

Anthology of AI Creative Writing

Death in the Bubble World Remix

See Books


Metavista Art & Music

The Metavista generative art synth album is due out soon, and some music art videos are available at:

Architectural Design and Interior Design (RIBA registered) – Ivy Ngeow Architectural & Interior Design.

Leopard Print Publishing – diverse fiction and non-fiction

AI and Interface Research and Writing

Geoff Davis (founder of Story Software) is at

Building and DIY Magazine and Advice – building, construction and DIY site with a lot of green and sustainable building advice, general articles and even building toys.