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AI Creative Writing & Art Anthology Second Edition 2024 (with LPP London) edited by Geoff Davis.

AI Anthology Creative Writing & Art
AI Anthology Creative Writing & Art

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Anthology of art, stories, poems and texts created with the help of AI.

Micro Arts Group history
Micro Arts Group history

Micro Arts History 1984–85 Computer Generated Art and Stories:

Computational art and story generators from the 1980s micro computer scene (2019).

A mix of art, new technology, the club scene, and education, Micro Arts Group was an exciting part of the computer democratisation of the 1980s. This illustrated book is an illuminating and informative look into the 1980s micro computer scene, with the arrival of the all-new Sinclair ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Apple Macintosh, the IBM PC, alongside a gaudy and extrovert visual culture. The book has images from the unique art programs and a detailed history of Micro Arts, a full copy of the first and only edition of the print magazine, and contemporary reviews and context. There is also a gallery of stills from the many generative computer art programs.

“Micro Arts has produced some stunningly original work.”

Review, Personal Computer World 1985

“I think this period is something of a lost era in digital art. It’s definitely a good idea to be engaging with it.”

Prof. Sean Clark, Computer Arts Society, Fellow BCS 2019

“Inspiring. All worth thinking about and testing for yourself.”

A&B Computing 1985.

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About the author: Geoff Davis, Micro Arts founder, is a researcher at the Creative Computing Institute, University of the Arts London (UAL). He has a Masters in Electronic Arts from Middlesex University. He has also taught at the London University of the Arts and Sheffield Psalter Lane Art College, and worked at Nesta, the UK’s innovation charity, and extensively in the web industry. He is a PEN International published author, and has written and released music with Ian Burden of the Human League.
With memoirs from Martin Rootes, Robin Metcalfe, , Simon Holland, Bruno de Florence and Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown.