Entry form to be in AI Anthology 2022

Mammoth Book of AI Writing 2022
Mammoth Book of AI Writing 2022

This is the application form for the Anthology of AI “co-created” or “hybrid” writing.

I am aware these terms are not very accurate as the AI is not actually creating anything, it is simulating creation, using a large amount of mashed up text, originally written by humans (or by bots, which were also programmed by humans). So please ignore any terms as they might affect your judgement.

Just do it!

The editing has been delayed (sorry everyone!) and will now be published in December 2022, with a proper launch in 2023.

Story Live AI text generator/editor

Story Software hosts the Story Live text generator, which uses open source AI Large Language Models. The Text Synth generator was programmed by Fabrice Bellard, editor page by Geoff Davis (this used to have more features but is now minimal for this book).

Or you can use any text software, we have had entries made with personal systems.

Please enter the text you have produced below, along with the title (if there is one). Please provide some information about how you made it, particularly the amount of AI and Human.